Emmanuel Okwu


Emmanuel Okwu Chisom



Mr. Emmanuel Chisom Okwu is a seasoned customer service professional who holds a BSc in Information Technology from Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College Malaysia.  At present, he works as Client Service Manager with Smart Gas & Petroleum Limited. His responsibility includes supervising inbound and outbound teams to make certain they answered questions knowledgeably and thoroughly and also to make sure agents under his supervision handle all customer complaints regarding products and services, which involves the impact analysis of the issue on the product, solutions for the issue, and its implementation. Prior to joining Smart Gas, Mr. Emmanuel worked as Customer Success Manager with SelfDrivn Enterprise in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He was responsible for leading process improvement and problem-solving efforts to create standard procedures and escalation policy for the customer support team and also recommending changes, improvements, and enhancements in products to the product development team based on customer feedback. At the beginning of his career, he was associated with Sudong a subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunication popularly known as Singtel, where he worked as a Digital Support Expert. There he was responsible for the training, motivating, and coaching of team members to meet required customer service goals. Mr. Emmanuel Chisom Okwu has received numerous awards and certifications for his unrelenting customer service to humanity.