5 key customer service tools to consider for small businesses


5 key customer service tools to consider for small businesses

Thanks to technological and software solutions, there are now tools to help streamline and improve customer support service efforts. The increasing number of communication channels demands organizations to diversify their customer support efforts in order to meet the new demands and expectations of the modern consumers.

Companies are always looking for new ways to streamline their customer support department efforts. This doesn’t strike as a surprise. Markets worldwide are becoming more volatile and saturated, and providing excellent customer support is important for business success.

Here’s our recommended five (5) key tools as must have to ensure effective customer support services.

1. Live Support Chat

Live support chat tool provides amazing opportunities for your customer support agents. Integrating it to your official website is simple, and, moreover, it is easy to use. Other than that, the integration empowers your agents to handle multiple customers at the same time, engage them when they arrive at your website while providing further assistance, and add more to that delightful shopping experience.

Besides these, a live support chat tool comes with other functionality, too. For instance, your senior agents can oversee and be of assistance to their younger peers. You can also track and record conversations to identify trends and tailor your approach to customers accordingly.

In the end, you can compile a list of commonly asked questions and publish a FAQ on your website as an ultimate ticket deflection solution.

2. Self-Service Helpdesk

We live in a “Google It” era. The chances are that your customers are going to search for a solution online before they decide to directly contact you. Fortunately, you can seize this opportunity by publishing your online self-service help-desk. Thanks to the help desk software, you will be able to do it without any previous technical knowledge.

With a search feature, your new self-service help desk will enable your customers to look for solutions wherever they are. Since it is a part of your website, all your help documentation will be indexed by search engines, thus increasing your chances of showing up in the search results of your competitor’s audience.

3. Automatic Callback Phone Systems

Some customers still prefer using the phone over the other digital methods at their disposal. You have to make sure that your call center works towards providing a delightful customer experience at all times.  Besides, there is nothing more frustrating for a customer than being on hold for a long period of time just to get disconnected.

The automatic callback system will help you to bring your service system to another level. After the customer leaves their phone number, the system remembers their place in queue and automatically calls them back when the first support agent becomes available. By doing so, you will set your customers free from waiting in queues with a phone stuck to their heads.

4. Social Media Management Tool

Today, businesses also have to nurture their online audience. With the popularity of social media platforms, this has become even more important. One bad experience can cost you a lot if the word spreads out on these mediums. But how to track and know what is going on, in a place as crowded as social media platforms?

In order to take control of social media networks and leverage their popularity, you have to consider using social media management tool. This tool will help you to streamline your communication on social media, help you to provide answers to everyone, and track and record every interaction.

5. Email Marketing Tool

Now, you might think: “Why would I need an email marketing tool for the customer support department?” Well, some customers still favor using email communication above anything else. And if you receive a lot of support requests and/or direct inquiries via this channel, it might be a good idea to use an email marketing tool.

This tool will help you by allowing you to automate the responses to the emails you’ve received. You can schedule this response; make your own conditions that will trigger auto emails, and so on. For instance, you can inform your customers in distress that you have received their email and that you will get back to them as soon as possible.

If you are on one or more of this tools as a business, good! But consider setting up all five as your business grows.

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