WAACSP History


Arising from the continuous growth in key service industries of financial services and telecommunications sectors of the West Africa economies, in 2014, key customer service professionals from the region with background in service delivery in banking and telecommunications started a network of like minds educating and imparting customer service skills and training in this spheres.

This network combined education and best practices translating to grooming of service officers and operating systems for organizations. While Nigeria and Ghana network of professionals pioneered this frontier, the network also attracted customer service practitioners from Cote D’Ivore, The Gambia and Senegal. Language barrier became a first hindrance to having a template, nonetheless, the aims remain the same.

From 13th of March 2016, the network of service professionals having pooled a large network of trained officers in customer service, came together to propagate an official organization to educate and improve service delivery standards and ethics amongst practitioners in that space.

By 17th of March, 2016 - the name West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals [WAACSP] was conceptualized with a dual arm for English and French speaking countries of the ECOWAS states.

WAACSP - English comprising largely of Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia service communities was birthed. It was also formally registered to operate as a body in individual countries as required by laws of countries of operation.

In January 23 of 2018, the West Africa Association of Customer Service professionals started online and as each member country obtained the member country’s registration permit, where admitted into the body.

The next step is a formal presentation to the ECOWAS body for a unified registration.

WAACSP as a body, is opening technical partnership with other regional bodies including the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), West Africa college of Surgeons and more with a view to harnessing service delivery across Board. Affiliation with customer service organizations in Southern Africa, North America is also opening frontiers and opportunities for members.

WAACSP English has more than 500 members across four (4) nationalities of the region with about 6% of these members outside the region. We are currently in consonance with over 150 organizations all over the world through various aspects including training, CS culture formulation, recruitment etc.

The major aim of the body is to improve professionalism amongst service personnel, demand standard service experience and standards from organizations, gauge citizens perception to service delivery and service delivery education.

WAACSP is here to stay and grow a network of employable service professionals, projecting and protecting them, transiting to excellent and responsible service delivery in a service-driven economy of West African states.

The current management board is led by Ms. Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy - President Institute of Customer Service Professionals - Ghana (ICSP) with a tenure period of 2020-2022.