Enter: The Nigeria Customer Service index (NCSI)


Enter: The Nigeria Customer Service index (NCSI)

The WAASCP community today June 01, 2023 announces  the formal launch of the Nigeria customer service index (The NCSI)


The NCSI is a multi sector customer satisfaction survey platform that should improve the quality of service delivery in Nigeria.

The Index, starting this year will be an annual survey that aims to collate citizens response to the level  and quality of service delivery they receive (good or bad) from service providers.
For 2023, the survey will cover 9 sectors divided into 17 sub sectors using 8 parameters and 2 sector based questions that will give insight to service delivery/experience challenges in the sectors and proffer solution to improve.

The report will give organizations, citizens and industry players access to data as to consumer behavior, expectations, identify  trends, project future and solve identified and future problems.

The  NCSI is the second of such customer satisfaction survey platform the WAACSP board chairperson Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy  is pioneering, having founded the Ghana customer service index - GCSI in 2017, concerned about excellent service delivery and using her tenure to ensure that the WAACSP and  customer rating platforms are achieved across the region and all over Africa. “The best way to improve service quality is to have an independent evaluation platform that will give citizens opportunity to give feedback on service received and  compel organizations to improve or be ready to loose market share”  stated Madam Ohui MacCarthy .

The NCSI portal is online 24hours, citizens are invited to give their rating (good or bad) to all of the sectors listed in the survey.

The survey parameters, sectors and how the survey can help institutions in Nigeria are all on the website.

to start rating and giving your verdict to services received.

Share amongst your community too.