"Shining a Light on Customer Service Woes: A Call for Change" - By Mrs Patricia Inyang (Fellow -WAACSP)


"Shining a Light on Customer Service Woes: A Call for Change" - By Mrs Patricia Inyang (Fellow -WAACSP)


As we step into the first week of October, the timing couldn't be more fitting to kick off our celebration of Customer Service Week. This annual event is not only a tribute to businesses and institutions that excel in serving their customers but also an opportune moment to address the pressing issues surrounding customer service in our country.

In this article, I will delve into the state of customer service in our nation, with a fresh perspective inspired by the beginning of Customer Service Week. Drawing from a personal experience, I aim to shine a light on the challenges we face and, more importantly, advocate for positive change.

The Payment Predicament:
A few days ago, I made a payment to the electricity company, eager to have power restored to my house. It's an essential service that we rely on for our daily lives. But as I sit here in the dark, I can't help but wonder what went wrong.

The Missing Token:
The payment was processed, and I expected to receive the token promptly, the key that would unlock the electricity I had paid for. However, hours turned into days, and still, the token remained elusive. The darkness in my home persisted, and my frustration grew.

The Unanswered Queries:
I reached out to the electricity company, eager for an explanation or a solution. To my dismay, my queries went unanswered. Calls were left unanswered, and emails seemed to disappear into the digital void. It was as if my issue didn't matter.

The Missing Refund:
Desperate for a resolution, I requested a refund, assuming that at the very least, my hard-earned money would be returned if I couldn't have the electricity I paid for. Yet, the refund didn't materialize either. It was as if the company had vanished, leaving me in the dark in more ways than one.

A Passion for Customer Service:
I am a passionate advocate for better customer service. I believe that customers deserve respect, transparency, and timely solutions when issues arise. Customer Service Week is a time to celebrate those businesses that understand the importance of these principles and strive to deliver them consistently.

A Call for Change:
In this Customer Service Week, I implore our country's businesses, especially those in essential service sectors like electricity, to reevaluate their approach to customer service. It's time to prioritize the needs and concerns of your customers. Prompt communication, efficient issue resolution, and transparency should be the norm, not the exception.

This personal experience highlights a glaring issue in our country's customer service landscape. It's a call to action, a plea for change. Let's use the Customer Service Week as an opportunity to push for better customer service standards, not just in this first week of October but year-round. The darkness in my home may persist, but let's ensure the darkness in customer service is dispelled for good.