Start of the WAACSP service year 2024: Attend our webinar - Managing mental health for CS/CX practitioners


Start of the WAACSP service year 2024: Attend our webinar - Managing mental health for CS/CX practitioners


Happy New (service) year peeps!!

It’s February the month of love and beginning of the customer service year here at the WAACSP community. How did your Yuletide and the long month of January go for you ?
Swift?! .. yes!!, it was indeed a fast paced January. Cheers to an impact filled 2024.

After the end of service year, comes the start of a new one and as it’s customary with us, we usually start the year with our FireSide Chat series. This year however, we are taking a slight change as we address a growing phenomenon witnessed over the past few years; depression, anxiety, job pressure, fatigue … all within the family of MENTAL HEALTH!.

Customer service practitioners lately have been complaining about use of damaging and emotionally depressing words that come into call centres, and office spaces by clients and customers. Words such as;

“You guys are thieves”

‘God punish you and your family’

‘As you have wasted by data/airtime/money so will it happen to your generation’

‘You guys are wack! .. you, what are you doing there?!.. go and find a better job’

‘Is it only to answer call that you will be doing for the rest of your life??, you can’t find a better job?!’

These words and more are what CS/CX professionals get to put up with periodically at work place and it’s leading to mental fatigue, absence from work, lack of motivation to work, fear, trepidation and anxiety when calls come in or a customer walks in, reports of a few CSPs leaving their position as a result of these are on the rise although no specific data to back it up.

To this end, the WAACSP  have decided to start a series of educative  webinars to discuss ‘managing your MH as a customer service professionals ‘ - The idea is to equip CSPs with knowledge on how to deal and cope with vile words and attitude on the frontlines.

Two experts on the subject matter will be our guest as we begin the 2024 service year and they will speak and answer to our questions on managing stress, emotional intelligence, detaching yourself from harmful words, the attack is not to you and many more sub plots to the session.

Speakers are:
-Onyekwue Nnadozie Francis.
Executive Director
Trauma Awareness and Resilience (TAR) Initiative,
Trauma Counselor,
Forgiveness therapist and
Social worker from Nigeria.

-Dr Isaac Nyarko Kwakye - Lecturer (Psychology), University of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ghana.

Some of the areas of discuss will comprise:  

Prioritize Your Mental Wellbeing

Who is in charge; my mental health or me?

Creating emotional stability at work place and home front.

Webinar details:

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th February 2024.

6pm - 7:30pm (Ghana Time).
7pm - 8: 30pm (Nigeria time) each day.
It’s a 90 minutes session.

Venue: Online via zoom.

-Yvonne MacCarthy - Board Chairperson of WAACSP will officially declare the 2024 service year open.

Attendance is FREE, however registration is required to get the zoom link sent to you.

To register for the webinar, Click HERE

This session will indeed be helpful to you as you navigate what is predicted to be a tough year.

Sharing is caring … invite friends, family and colleagues to also help educate and equip everyone on mental health management.

See you at the webinar