Welcome to 2024


Welcome to 2024

Hello Service professionals !!

Glad and grateful to welcome us all to the year two thousand and twenty four (twenty twenty-four).  A year filled with expectations, pregnant with dreams and aspirations and programmed for success!.

The service year for us at WAACSP starts in February but as the business year officially kick starts today; 08 of January, we join the business community of West Africa to welcome and celebrate the  new year.

It promises to also be a year of impact for WAACSP as we look forward to:


  • The 2023 report on service delivery in Ghana at the Ghana Customer Service Index (GCSI) press reveal.
  • The maiden edition of service performance and rating for Nigeria at the Nigeria Customer Service Index (NCSI) report reveal.
  • The WAACSP for Business program in full swing and
  • The WAACSP 2024 Conference & Induction ceremony.

Plus our yearly calendar events that educates, empowers and builds capacity of members, participants, the community and the general populace.

We look forward to a fruitful year for everyone and this we will help you achieve from our own ‘little  corner’

Live life!.. Fly and savor the gift of life.

Welcome to 2024.