2nd Diet 2023 ECOWAS - WAACSP Basic Certification in Customer Service (BCCS) to hold October/November


2nd Diet 2023 ECOWAS - WAACSP Basic Certification in Customer Service (BCCS) to hold October/November

Details for the second and final diet for 2023 of the ECOWAS Basic Certification in Customer Service (BCCS) by WAACSP is now available for intending participants.

The BCCS growing recognition alludes to it curriculum, content, impact delivery and participants output in practice at work-place and as certification of reckon at HR/Recruitment  spaces. Year on year, diet on diet, the BCCS have improved in all metrics for online and continuous education with high participation rate among ECOWAS nationals and outside the region.

The 1st diet for 2023 was hugely impactful and had the highest students/ participants rating of 96% over the past five (5) years; Read feedback from Diet 1, June 2023 participants via this  LINK. The BCCS certificate holders, accredited as Certified Customer Service Professionals [CCSP] with the certification, have applied and accessed jobs, promoted at place of employ, accepted at local and international institutions amongst many advantages it have given to numerous holders.

Timeline, sequence, fee and registration:

September 01 - Diet 2 season opens.

September 04 - School portal opens and registered participants can access program pre test and the BCCS 5 modules study materials.

October 22: Diet 2 registration closes.

October 24-26: Stream 1 classes takes place.

November 02-04: Stream 2 class starts and completes.

(Program is divided into streams to allow for choice of dates for participants and a class that allows for a specific number of students to  participant ratio to allow for quality training delivery and learning experience for effective assimilation and overall output.)

November 06- 12: Certification examination window.

November 20: Certification results released and exams arbitration window opens.

December 01: Confirmation of certification and certificate issuance.

December 19: 2nd Diet 2023 window closes.

Program Fee: $50
WAACSP sets the dollar to local currency valuation each year for the program per country.
(Ghana - 550 GHc, Gambia - 3,100 GMD, Nigeria - 32,000 NGN)

To register and access school portal;
WAACSP conducts the BCCS in partnership with training affiliates in each country of participation.  Click HERE to register for the BCCS Diet 2, 2023 with our affiliate in your home country.

To encourage access to this certification which in turn enables participants grow their career, the association in consonance with all training affiliates have put in place a payment structure that allows interested participant pay in two (2) installments. Contact your country affiliate for this offer and it modalities.

The ‘BCCS by WAACSP’ will improve your professional standing as a CCSP and give you access to career growth opportunities.

For further enquiries, kindly send an email to

Use the Whatsapp chat button beside this post to engage with the association.

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