34 Ecowas nationals accredited-as certified customer service professionals (CCSP)


34 Ecowas nationals accredited-as certified customer service professionals (CCSP)


A total of 34 of the 51 participants at the recently concluded 1st diet 2022 professional certification in customer service by the West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals -WAACSP having successfully completed the modules, training and certification assessment where awarded the Basic Certitication in Customer Service (BCCS) certificate and accredited as Certified Customer Service Professionals (CCSP) by WAACSP.


 The journey which began in April leading to the school portal opening in June, saw participants access the platform for the program, taking the Pre Program Test before downloading the 5 modules for the entry level certification. Thereafter, classes over two batches were conducted, post test after each module and at the end of the tutorials, the certification assessment, conducted. 

Training covered:

-Understanding service

-Understanding customers (internal & external).

-identifying various customer types and how to engage with them.

-Role playing with the various customer types.

-CS engaging options; emails, over the phone, in person etc. 

-Working as a team and improving service delivery.


Participants where assessed and benchmarked on 4 certification metrics:

-Module tests

-Role plays

-Online interaction (email assessment).

-Certification assesment (scenario based CS challenge to profer resolution style).


The successful participants are now accredited to forebear the acronym: CCSP. The association holds carriers of their certificate in high value with regards to capacity, professionalism and ability to function and show knowledge in the service culture and know how. They all come highly recommended.


Congratulations to all recently certified CS professionals in the region.  



The next diet comes up in October/November. 

However, the off diet window that allows interested persons obtain the certification outside of the diet window is now open til September 30th. Details of the off diet can be found HERE


WAACSP have a dedicated certified members page where organizations can view their profile, industry, experience and CS specialization. They are open for engagement/employment at various levels; full/part time, adhoc, contract etc. See list of WAACSP certified members