Adeyemi, Adigun forays unto the international scene


Adeyemi, Adigun forays unto the international scene

The WAACSP is delighted to announce the movement unto greater career endeavour of it two leading resource personnels; Mrs Zara Shirley Adeyemi and Mrs Praise Chidinma Adigun. Both, fellows of the association and key fulcrum of the administrative, social community , education and technical aspects of the association, will from September 1st 2022 be taking their career s unto the international stage with professional academic engagement in Europe. 


Founding member of WAACSP, HR admin, trainer, curriculum and content developer, Zara Onyemachi- Adeyemi remains one of the association’s most resourceful professional, having trained and helped certified over 400 service professionals, developed curriculum for the basic, advanced and trainers program, administering the faculty of WAACSP Trainers Network (WTN) she sojourns out of the region with a high profile and rating of which the association is immensely proud of her input and professionalism.



Mrs Praise Adigun’s rise within the WAACSP ranks are good testament to her work ethics, dedication and passion for service and humanity with a teaching and admin ethic unparalleled. Mrs Adigun grew the association’s social community, conducted more training in her time here than any other trainer, certified nearly 61% of certified BCCS students from 2020-2022, grew the admin team and stood the WAACSP website as the number one customer service body webpage in Africa. 


The board chairperson Yvonne MacCarthy thanked both ladies for their commitment to service, dedication to the association and awarded both ladies the association’s highest individual merit award; ‘The purple star award’ for their service.

The WAACSP community and all service professionals in the region are grateful for the impact and wish Zara Adeyemi and Praise Adigun well and look forward to their support when called upon.