INVITATION: Join and become a training partner/affiliate with WAACSP


INVITATION: Join and become a training partner/affiliate with WAACSP

In a bid to deepen access to customer service education/training across the sub region, The WAACSP is inviting  training organizations to join as partners in CS education and training

The West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals - The WAACSP is opening its portal to training schools, professional organizations, training and consulting firms across the ECOWAS region  to join in as training/affiliate partners of the body.

The association with a core mandate  of making customer service training cum education available, accessible and affordable to organizations and citizens is looking to license firms with the required capacity to conduct and deliver WAACSP’s core certification trainings to individuals and also offer corporate trainings to organizations.
Successful firms will partner with the body to conduct, train and certify individuals in the body’s major capacity development certifications that have improved and given knowledge, career edge and access to CS jobs. The programs successful firms will offer on behalf of WAACSP include:

- Basic certification in customer service (BCCS) - entry level certification for new entrants into customer service leading to be accredited as Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP) - the program have a 2-diet annual window and affiliates can also organize same program outside the diet window known as the off diet sessions.

-Advanced Certification in Customer Experience & Relationship Management [ACCERM] - The ACCERM is the advanced course training program that elevates service professionals with more than 3 years working experience to senior level: supervisory, managerial, head levels in customer service. Successful participants are certified as Professional certificate holder in Customer Service. Program is an annual event but affiliates can conduct not more than one more program of the ACCERM in a service year outside the approved WAACSP calendar.

Affiliates are also entitled to conduct their specialized or existing customer service capacity building programs and may have technical support by WAACSP but not certified certificate to such program.

The opening for affiliate partnership with The WAACSP is open for in three (3) categories:

- Online training affiliate.
- In-person training affiliate.
- Both (online and offline) affiliate.

To be eligible to apply and become an affiliate/training partner with WAACSP, the organization must possess the following:

- Must be a company
- Registered and incorporated with the registration body of the country of intending practice.
- Have a website (for company wishing to conduct only online training)
- A spacious training venue with no less than 30 sitting capacity (for a company offering to conduct only in-person training.   


For company applying for both online and in-person training, applying firm shall posses requirements as stated and including the following:

- Both offline and online schools shall also have a Learning School Management (LMS) portal for training materials, grading, test, evaluation, continuous assessment and detailed data record of students.

Application details:

Application fee: $30 (or equivalent in country of practice currency) - Application fee covers processing application, visit to training centre and verification of documents submitted.

If application successful, company then pays;

- $100 (for online license)
- $100 (for off line license)
- $150 (license fee for company applying for both online & offline)


- Initial license fee is valid for first two (2) years of affiliation.
- Annual renewal fee of $100 every year subsequently.

Should you demand more clarification or need to ask more questions, kindly use any of this medium:

Email: OR call/chat on whatsapp: +233 599 300 606
(Use the whatsapp live chat button beside this post)

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