Leveraging on your WAACSP profile to access jobs and career growth opportunities.


Leveraging on your WAACSP profile to access jobs and career growth opportunities.

The year 2021 was a remarkable year for service professionals with profiles on the WAACSP website. A record high of 61% of certified and professional members on the site was engaged in CS roles in various capacities.

Certified members accounted for 48% of such engagements, with 25% of these engagements being on a full-time basis; contract and part-time CS/admin jobs accounted for the remaining figures. Since the pandemic, customer service jobs have been on the increase- a report from the Ghana Customer Service Index 2022 indicates that CS recruitment is amongst the top 5 job recruitment in the region in 2021.


If you are a certified or professional member with a profile listed on the WAACSP portal, here are key steps to take to gain an advantage when applying for jobs.

1. Copy your profile URL, use any of the web shortening links to convert it to a shorter link and customize it with your name. See the example below.

URL link 👇🏾

Using a web link shirting apo (bitlink), shorten, convert and customized this format 👇🏾

(Notice profile 444 in first link now customized to owners name).

2. With a customized web profile bearing your name, put the same on your CV with a simple write-up:

“Check out my profile as a member of the West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals [WAACSP] —>  https://bit.ly/IfunayaOdirachukwuProfile

3. There’s an 8/10 chance the recruiting/HR manager reviewing your application will click to view your profile.

An interview will be requested if your profile is well-structured.

From enquiries from members came these encouraging stats: Four out of five members whose profile was on their CV upon applying for a job last year were invited for an interview.

4. Finally, post your profile page link on your social media pages/handles, your WhatsApp profile, and your status. These options also increase your personal brand visibility, thereby increasing engagement chances.

Also worthy of note: recruiters are also contacting listed members via their profiles.

Certified members are contacted using the ‘engage’ button at the bottom of their profile pages.

Professional members are contacted using multiple options on their pages: via WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook buttons on the top of their profile pages.

WAACSP continues to position its members for career growth and the opportunity to offer themselves as standard-bearers in offering quality service delivery. Remember, you can edit your profile at your convenience.

If you are not listed on the portal, now is the time to get listed.