Re-enforcing our commitment to members and the CS community


Re-enforcing our commitment to members and the CS community

Business practices most times have put employers against employees, often times, it’s the latter that gets the short end of the stick. One of WAACSP core mandate to its members and practitioners across the employment landscape and welfare for service professionals is to protect service practitioners interest in situations they ordinarily would have just ‘left it’.

This came to fore earlier in the year when a member of the association reached out as she was laid off and her backlog of entitlement unpaid. As have been with the association, the legal department took up the case and engaged the firm in that regard. This went on for quite a while, eventually, we reached an agreement and weeks back, the member was paid her full unpaid entitlement with a mail to us informing us of the compliance. 

We are delighted to see this and a few other infractions including policy and procedural conflicts against ethics and morals of service see employers demand the worst and unimaginable (including work conditions) from practitioners. WAACSP is against and will continue to frown against unwholesome practices that goes contrary to norms and codes of practice. This we will pursue and ensure that proper things are done. We have encouraging statistics on incidents such as stated here with positive results from 11% success rate in 2017 to 44% in 2021 arising mostly as a result of more disengagement post Covid.  

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