The 2020 Certification Season Concluded !!!

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The 2020 Certification Season Concluded !!!


The basic certification in customer service for intending customer service Professionals was concluded on October 31st. 

The 2020 season of continuous education and certification of service professionals took a whole new dimension as a result of the #covid19 pandemic. The body and its training partners deployed the use of technology to achieve the two diet programs.

The 1st diet took place between June and July in Nigeria and Ghana, while the 2nd diet took an interesting dimension when we witnessed civil unrest in the week leading to the program in Nigeria. The body took a decision to merge both countries (Nigeria and Ghana) to the week ending October 29-31 and it brought more good than bad.

It turned out pretty well as participants in the West African countries though at their respective homes, interacted in learning and are still forging a common interest network.

The technical aspect saw a marked improvement from Diet 1 with more human-machine collaboration (HMC), facilitator grading, and independent examiners' evaluation. 
While the biggest challenge from online programs remains physical interaction with participants and on-the-spot assessment and personality disposition to role-plays, the online exercise did more in terms of individual performance assessment through pre and post-training evaluation. This amongst other activities was done to get the true picture of participant's service acumen and suitability to being certified by WAACSP. 

By and large, the body, the faculty, and the training affiliates worked well to ensure participants merit their certification and deploy this understanding in any organization they are in.

We may have ended the training calendar for 2020, but the induction of successful participants from 2019-2020 is the next stop, and modalities for this will be released this November.

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kindly feel free to watch one of the zoom class sessions of the just concluded diet. 

Access Passcode: @7aZ1EcS 

Were you a participant in the concluded diet? Share your thoughts and impression of the program using the comment box below.