The 2022 service Year End Roundtable: Thank you!


The 2022 service Year End Roundtable: Thank you!

It’s been an amazing year at The WAACSP;

Here’s our year in numbers;-

- Certification and licensing of customer service trainers:

327 applied
24 were admitted for the training
14 passed and were certified

- The Basic certification in customer service BCCS -1st diet May-June 2022:
47 took part
34 were successful and certified as CCSP

- Advanced certification in customer relationship management [ACCERM]
June 2022:
20 persons partook and were successful

- Customer service week capacity building training on:
Active listening and Effective communication between internal and external customers

Being part of WAACSP activities for 2022 customer service Week (CSW )
205 persons in total participated and certificates issued to 188.

- BCCS 2nd diet program (November 2022)
60 persons participated, results not yet released.

- Others:
7 applied for Fellows of WAACSP, 3 accepted.
17 applied for Certified membership 12 accepted
4 applied for professional membership of WAACSP, 3 accepted.

Fireside chat series organized in May
Twitter space - 46 attendance

- Zoom session
61 attended

Social media interaction in hundreds of thousands, website engagements at record highs and above all, No1 on google search for any topic customer service organization, training, certification or program in 6 West African states.

To cap it all up, we held an End of Service Year webinar that signposts what was indeed a memorable 2022. From our patrons who were key speakers at the event, to fellows who offered perspectives to service challenges CSPs encountered in the course of the year. It was as eye opening as it was an impactful learning experience.

Led by the convener and WAACSP Board Chair Madam Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy to Stephen ‘Chairman’ Essien’s educative day one session that had Mrs ‘Sola Salako Ajulo’ sending teaching on patients rights of Bill and the role of service practitioners in these rights made for an interesting discuss not after Kate Ita Udok, Emmanuel Awumee, Lilly-West Buloala and Patricia Inyang all gave enlightening answers to myriad of questions posed.

Day Two was a banger of a learning experience and it all started with a Benard Osei-Duah spell bound session that had some of our whatsapp platforms buzzing (and on fire) with members calling out to those not on the webinar to come hear ‘sermons according to customer service’. Christy Okenla showed her vast multi sectoral experience answering to customer service questions on Banking, telecoms and mental health issues that was after our delectable barrister ‘Kome Odude gave insight and info graphic presentation to the Patients Bill Rights in Nigeria.

Gracias muncho to our moderators of both sessions; Mrs Praise Adigun from the UK for Day one and Mrs Oluwatoyin Olatimehin anchoring Day Two from Lagos, Nigeria. They are as lovely as they were knowledgeable,
above all, these quotes amongst a myriad made ‘us’...

‘Customer service is emotional’ - Kate Udok

“If a customer service expert is not on the board meeting, then the company is a serious organization”

It was a 6hour-2day of a gift of love, knowledge and of customer service and leadership tutorials from all of our resource persons:

“Customer service professionals should not be afraid of the numbers”
“Every leader must learn to be a lion and a lamb”
“Jesus was the Lamb of God and also the Lion of the tribe of Judah”
“Know when to show emphaty and know when to wield the big stick”
“The key thing is to put structures in place”
“Training is not a fix for everything”
“You can’t train and fix an attitude”
“It is ideal to understand to put a process and procedures in place”
“People will never do what is expected but do what is inspected”
“Leaders must be committed to monitor and measure staff commitment and work”
“If you don’t measure, monitor.. there will be no growth “
“Regular evaluation using the right tools is key 🔑”
“You need to determine what should be measured and if it cannot be measured, it can’t improve the result”

Take a bow:

- Yvonne MacCarthy

- Stephen Essien

- ‘Sola Salako Ajulo

- Kate Ita Udok

- Lilly-West Buloala

- Emmanuel EK Awumee

- Christiana Okenla

- Benard Osei-Duah

.. check them out on LinkedIn or google!

Afterwards came the big announcement; The Nigeria Customer Service Index! - setting the stage for a defining 2023. 

Listen and watch full version of the 2022 service year end webinar here

Day One

Day Two

Thank you everyone ... let’s make it a better 2023.