The ECOWAS Professional certification in customer service: OFF DIET 2024 calendar:


The ECOWAS Professional certification in customer service: OFF DIET 2024 calendar:

Over the last decade, the ECOWAS professional certification in customer service (Basic) by WAACSP have grown and earned a global international rating and certification leading to it being the most recognized and acceptable customer service professional certification from Aftica.

Within the region, also the certification have become a certificate of choice in recruiting by organizations, brands, HR/recruiters  not only for customer service and allied jobs but also for Administrative, Management    jobs. Year  on year have seen growth in number of ECOWAS nationals who apply and undertake the BCCS as its given career growth, professional recognition, academic qualification and job opportunities to the BCCS holder. 

From 2016, it’s being a steady rise and acceptance, with Covid19 in 2020, the body transitioned from in-person bi annual program across 9 major cities in West Africa to a single multiple online class session that have gotten more rave reviews for it's robust, seamless and now acceptable full Online integration from registration, payment, study modules/materials access, classes, exams, certification, results, Resit and certificate issuance now achieved 100%, these in partnership with Africa’s premier Online School EMployMe E-Learning

The BCCS as a result of going online have achieved the following:
-  Going paperless.

-   Giving access to students from across all part of the world.

-  seamless learning session, group work and a 365 days year round access to study materials and playback video of class session.

-  Network and meet fellow CS professionals from across all part of the sub region and share cultural and career experiences.

The BCCS is a five (5) module certification course that covers:
-  What is Customer Service and service delivery

-  Who are you?

-  Identifying and addressing customer needs.

-  Service touch points & delivery

-  Identify customer types and how to engage with various types.

-  Complaints: sources, early detection and how to handle.

-  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools practical online training and demonstration.

With the BCCs being a 2 - Diet -yearly program it wasn’t enough as more and more participants missed out hence the association introduced the off diet season. The Off diet gives applicants who may have missed the diets and can’t wait till the next diet (in 6 months) to have an opportunity obtaining the certification. In partnership with our Online school affiliate, the Off diet was created following post Covid in 2021.

The 2024 Off diet season is now here and will hold each month except the diet season months and we have a list of selected dates for the 2024 off diet season:

The 2024 Off diet will hold eight (8) times in 2024 at these months:


WAACSP in partnership with its Off Diet affiliate have created more incentives to better improve participants experience during the off diet, you:

- Can select the month you want to take the program and pay ahead.
- ⁠installment payment system gives applicant between 1-3 installment  payment variations.

To register and participate in the ECOWAS- Professional
Certification in  Customer Service by WAACSP at any month of the OFF DIET, click HERE