The Ghana customer service index report for 2021 released.


The Ghana customer service index report for 2021 released.

The state of customer service in Ghana in 2021 was released at the 4th edition of the Ghana Customer Service Index on the 27th of January 2022 in Accra.

The annual report index pioneered by waacsp board chairperson Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy and her organization Institute of Customer Service Professionals [ICSP] threw up amazing outcomes in some sectors.

Overall, the country scored C+ with a marginal increase of 66.26% C-Sat score from 65.55% the preceding year.

10 parameters was used in measuring the 10 sectors deployed for the survey, the public sector ranked lowest while despite a marginal decline from it 2020 score rating, the hospitality sector retained top spot followed by telecoms then banking, insurance, transportation, utilities and retail malls in that order.

Top performing organizations include Accra City Hotels (Hospitality), MTN Ghana (telecoms), Bolt Ghana (Transportation) ECG (utilities), 37 military hospital (Healthcare), Melcom (Retail), Enterprise Insurance (insurance) , Jumia (online businesses) surprise performance for the year was Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) as the top bank in the country.

Ms MacCarthy  noted the decline in service quality in the year under review and urged organizations to step up their customer services with a view to ensuring a collective improvement on service standing of the country.

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