WAACSP professional certification in customer service | 2021 2nd diet to hold November

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WAACSP professional certification in customer service | 2021 2nd diet to hold November

The 2nd diet of the bi annual training, listing, and certification of individuals desirous of starting a career in Customer Service in the Ecowas region will hold in the month of November. The program will round off the calendar of WAACSP for the year 2021.

The WAACSP theme for service education this year: ‘West Africa needs you’ has seen more citizens embrace customer service education, service culture, ideology, methodology, and the essence of customer service in humanity. This year, the association has improved in this regard with over ten (10) continuous education programs including firechat series, webinars, training, and has grown the number of citizens, organizations accessing customer experience education.

To end the WAACSP calendar year, the basic professional certification in customer service will hold across the month of November in conjunction with WAACSP's affiliate partners across the region. The program aims to train and certify new entrants and practicing service professionals, other career professionals who aspire to have a professional and accredited certification in customer service, and also become a member of Africa’s biggest customer service body.

Being a certified service professional is open to all, irrespective of career or profession - you can grow as a customer service professional in finance, health, engineering,  administration, telecommunications, hospitality, oil and gas, information technology, public and private sector.

The sequence of this diet is 100% ONLINE as have been since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

October 2: Registration opens
November 2: School portal opens and registered participants have access to program study materials.
November 10: pre-class platform opens
November 18-20: class session (1st batch)
November 25-27: class session (2nd Batch)
November 27-29: certification examinations

WAACSP alongside its affiliates offers perhaps the most interactive and engaging online program highly rated by participants and online education assessors.

WAACSP professional certification is internationally recognized and students/participants from previous sessions are engaged across the globe. WAACSP professional certification in customer service  is internationally recognized across the HR spectrum.

Registration, program cost and participation details are facilitated by WAACSP affiliates in your country of residence.

Click HERE to view all WAACSP partners in your country and choose an affiliate to register with.

Are you a practicing customer service professional and wish to join WAACSP as a professional member or fellow?

Click JOIN THE WAACSP COMMUNITY to find out how to become a member. WAACSP is Africa’s biggest customer service body, join the network of service industry professionals and grow your career beyond your locality.