Hello everyone!

It’s a new month....welcome to SEPTEMBER!!

Ever heard of the September break?!!, While, it’s here!!! The month of September marks the beginning of the historical ‘Ember’ months and presumably a sunny outlook. 

Hope you reading this, are off to a flier this month. We are excited here on the WAACSP Admin team and we pray goodness flows to everyone.

What’s up for you this month? What’s on your bucket list? How do you set out to meet these? While you go about achieving it all, always remember to go with a SMILE 😊 .  

We have lots of activities lined up for WAACSP in the next six months and this month is pivotal in setting the pace for it.
Before we project into these and the plan for the coming months, let’s share what we did in August.

Our media team has improved with updates, information, and education on all our platforms.

Over 52 members profile were successfully uploaded on our network

We got lots of engagement and applications for membership and recruiting authority from firms within Africa, Europe, America’s and Asia. We will keep opening frontiers and expand this platform to give more opportunities to members, especially on remote and virtual engagements.

The board and training partners have also improved and added new features for subsequent certification programs with a view to make a robust online certification process of highest quality and standard. 

The board also approved the calendar for the remainder of  2020, details will be revealed in a subsequent post, so stay in anticipation.

Last month, we also shared a piece by one of our members on LinkedIn optimization - did you get to read the post? it was quite educative, how did you find it?

Please keep articles coming, we and other members would love to read from you.
That’s it for August!!

For September, we hope to have more engagements with October being Customer Service Month, it’s pertinent we put more information and education up. 

What’s your plan for the customer service week in October? Share with us.

Here’s wishing everyone a fruitful and profitable September.