Why you need the ACCERM to grow your career in customer service

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Why you need the ACCERM to grow your career in customer service

Consider this; Anthonia, Judith and Amina met at the National Service centre in 2011, the trio didn’t really connect as they had different academic certification, from different universities but only that they shared same hostel and same local council for the 11 months they served their fatherland. Amina graduated as a lawyer, Judith read geography while Anthonia read languages and linguistics and speaks English and French alongside her local dialect.


As fate will have it, three years later, the trio met again working at same organization. While Anthonia and Amina were recruited same year, Judith joined the next summer. Tonia worked at the customer service help centre of the multinational, Amina at the legal department while Judith joined as a HR assistant. The trio gave their all; good work ethics, trainings, seminars and were adequately paid.


Fast forward to 2020 as the pandemic shut down world economies, government and social life, these ladies worked from home. After 8 years at the organization, Amina had grown to head of compliance, Judith, deputy head compensation and benefits, Tonia was a supervisor at the call center. With pandemic came first, work from home, then staff rationalizing and eventual laying off. Of the now good friends, only Anthonia couldn’t make it ‘back to work’.. she was laid off in October 2020 despite efforts from Judith in the HR department to plead her case but to no avail. Anthonia was laid off as the bulk of the customer service department were reduced by 31%, amongst overall 12 supervisors, Tonia was one of the 5 to be ‘discharged’. After nearly 9 years in the organization, all Tonia had was a severance package of less than two thousand dollars ($2,000). Tonia was left ‘stranded’, she hadn’t grown career wise.


It’s 2022 and Tonia is still in the job market space, applying and submitting CV’s over the past 18months. Despite showing good resume; work experiencewith a known brand, Tonia have had calls explaining she can’t be employed because she doesn’t possess requisite professional certification, workshop or international accreditation to help her cause with her years of experience.


This could be your lot soon if you’ve been in customer service role for upward of three years and no corresponding post work academic program, research and project to show knowledge and understanding of the industry to propel and position you for a career growth in the customer service industry.


The Waacsp - Advanced Certification in Customer Experience & Relationship Management [ACCERM] is the top level post graduate/post work program to attend and help position you for improved offer in your organization or better work outlook elsewhere. The ACCERM covers research of consumer behavior, customer experience management, internal and external customer psychology, how to set up, manage and run CS units, manage and recruit team members, formulate company policies, procedures and processes. Needs assesment, KPI’s and how to monetize or show income growth contribution to your organization. 


The program is Africa’s top rated CS senior management level program and recognized amongst the HR community. 


Anthonia’s fate so far would have been little better perhaps if she had the ACCERM certificate. So many organizations have had to move staff from HR, Finance, Management to supervise and oversee CS units or departments. Don’t fall prey to this, the ACCERM with your years of practical on job experience will position and protect you from the insecurities of today’s job outlook.


Read details of the ACCERM and how to register for the program by clicking HERE this.