Join the WAACSP 2021-2023 Education Network


The WAACSP new training curriculum of education updated from the 2018-2020 outlay will come in effect from the next service year beginning March 2021. WAACSP training curriculum is for a 3 year period, the new curriculum will cover 2021-2023. WAACSP with the new calendar will be welcoming new training partners and trainers across the region as more people embrace learning service culturres and standards.

Training partners are key component of WAACSP education programme as they help educate, train and prepare members and non members understand service and waacsp policy on continuous education.

Click HERE to get details on how to join and become a WAACSP training partner/affiliate. There are huge opportunities for organizations joining WAACSP

Resource persons, facilitators are the backbone of WAACSP continuous education. With over 50 WAACSP certified trainers, we are growing a reliable network of training delivery experts. Are you a CS facilitator/resource professional? Join the WAACSP trainers network for the 2021-2023 training season. Click Here