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Miracle Amadi Ogechi


I am a vibrant and proactive Customer Service Professional knowledgeable in the use of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM softwares for Customer Support with a BA focused in Communication Studies from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Through my 4 years total working experience in various roles, I have developed skills in Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Leadership which has helped me establish and sustain profitable relationships personally and for my company thereby increasing our clientele base, enhancing brand loyalty and promoting referrals. As an experienced Project Manager, I have led diverse teams to successfully plan, execute and deliver over 20 event projects in 2 years while co-occurently performing the day to day administrative duties of the business. I am smart, detail oriented, tech savvy, able to prioritize task/multitask and have superb time management skills.

  1. Language: English, Igbo

  2. Location: Nigeria

  3. Category: Basic

  4. Industry: Telecomms

  5. Level: Basic

  6. Specialization: Customer Service Officer (Admin)

  7. Number of years in Customer service: 2

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