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Jennifer Agu Chidera


A growing professional with diverse experiences in customer relationship management, customer resolution and social media management, I pride myself on my relentless pursuit of knowledge and growth. I am passionate about leveraging my skills and experiences to make a tangible difference and create a positive impact in the organizations/communities I engage with. I believe that by embracing continuous learning and fostering collaborative environments, I can unlock great opportunities for growth and innovation. My approach is grounded in open mindedness and a zeal for exploration. As I carve out my professional journey, I eagerly seek to cultivate meaningful relationships with industry peers and experts to enrich and guide my path forward.

  1. Language: Igbo and English language

  2. Location: Nigeria

  3. Category: Basic

  4. Industry: Telecomms

  5. Level: Basic

  6. Specialization: Call centre representative/agent (Telecomms)

  7. Number of years in Customer service: 2

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