2023 Outlook of programs


2023 Outlook of programs

The 2023 service year is upon us, we work towards and hope it improves you and give you another opportunity to grow as a CSP. 2022 was a year at The WAACSP that we were intentional in building capacity and build service professionals that ultimately impacts customer service/experience in the region. The outlook for 2023 will be to deepen and grow capacity for many more professionals.

Here’s an outlook of our programs  for the year to look forward to:

- January:
Ghana Customer Service Index 2023 - the annual GCSI report will be released to the people of Ghana by the founder of the survey, Madam Yvonne MacCarthy  .  It’s an annual 11 sector report on the state of customer service in GH. The press/public unveil will hold at the British Council Accra on the 25th of January.

- February:
 FireSide Chat series- We open the service year with our chat series where fellows  of the association engage with the customer service community sharing their customer service journey. The February 2023 edition will have Mrs Patricia Inyang - WAACSP  first fellow from the healthcare sector. Date: TBC

- March:
The 8 weeks long training of the WAACSP Trainers Network (WTN) kicks off early March. It will see selected trainees participate in the TTT as the search for the next generation of certified customer service coach starts early on.  Looking to join the cohort? Apply Here

- April:
Capacity Building Training: the month of April will herald our first capacity building workshop for 2023, this session will be training participants on: Practical Training on Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM) training.
Online via Zoom
Date: Easter weekend (actual dates and time will be published )
Attendance: FREE
Register via this LINK

- May/June:
BCCS 1st diet 2023:
The first diet for the professional certification in customer service, the Basic Certificate in Customer Service (BCCS) comes up within the month of May to June, the BCCS is the entry level professional certification in customer service that gives ECOWAS nationals desirous of starting a career in CS the opportunity to start their career with this program.  Organized in conjunction with WAACSP affiliate training partners in all ECOWAS countries.

Fee: $50
Interested in registering ahead of the portal opening, click HERE to register with any of our affiliate partners in your country.

- July/August:
The ACCERM program will hold across 6 weeks. The Advanced Certification in Customer Experience  & Relationship Management (ACCERM) is the senior level program fron the basic and its for CS professionals with 4+ years in the industry who desire to climb the career ladder to advanced roles like supervisory, managerial and departmental head roles and specialize in various branches of customer service.
Program is limited to only 30-40 participants per annum. You can register and pre pay to book and reserve your slot for the 2023 session via this LINK

- October:
It’s the customer service week/month in October and will line up a host of programs to celebrate service.
The WTN 2023 cohort will as is customeary make their debut in training with 2 free training as part of the CSW and a show of their certification as licensed customer service trainers.
Details will be released in the course of the year.

-November : BCCS 2nd diet 2023
The second and final diet for the year of the Basic certification in customer service will hold 3rd weekend in November.  It gives a window for those who may have missed the 1st diet in June with a last chance salon to get and become a certified customer service professional (CCSP) before the end of the year.

- December

End of service year. The community rounds off the service year with a webinar to share insights with all members of the WAACSP community; management team, patrons, fellows, CCSP and all service professionals converge and appraisal with thanks and share lessons and experiences garnered over the course of the year.

For further enquiries, click on the whatsapp button on the side bar to engage with us or via email: service@rhewaacsp.com