CSW 2022: Thanks everyone!


CSW 2022: Thanks everyone!

The customer service week 2022 for the WAACSP community was much more than celebrating service.

In 2021, our CSW focused more on professionals sharing their stories and their organization’s customer service policies.

This year, how did we ‘celebrate service’? - the association took this year’s theme as an incentive to improve service practitioners skill and acumen.

Two (2) capacity building trainings over a 4day period was organized for practitioners and members of the ECOWAS community .

- Effective communication for internal & external customers > Oct 7-8

- Active Listening: A skill set CSP’s should posses > Oct 14-15.

Organized by the education faculty of The WAACSP and delivery by the 2022 Co hort of WAACSP Trainers Network [WTN],  record registration , record attendance and quality content and delivery,
it was indeed a sequence of trainings that improved knowledge and understanding of the subjects of the training for participants who attended, it was interactive and hopefully improved the skills sets to communicate effectively with customers (internal, external) and active listening.

Participants shared insights, challenges and professed scenario based solutions to challenges relating to the topics.

The board chairperson Yvonne MacCarthy was on hand to engage with participants so also a fellow of the association Dr Barry Roberts.

You can watch playback of the sessions here.

> Effective Communication 

> Active listening class Day 1

> Active listening class Day 2.