Ghana Customer Service index 2020


Ghana Customer Service index 2020

Each year, the Institute of Customer Service Professionals (ICSP), runs the Ghana Customer Service Index (GCSI), a customer satisfaction survey for Ghana.  The aim is to make the GCSI a national measure of customer satisfaction providing insight into the state  of customer satisfaction in Ghana across 10 key sectors (Financial institutions (Banking), Insurance, Utilities, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail Malls (Food and non-food), Public institutions, Online businesses and Transportation. Launched in 2017, it provides a unique way of measuring the current customer satisfaction of Ghanaian customers, as well as trends over time.

To create the Ghana Customer Service Index, The Institute of Customer Service Professionals runs an online and face to face survey of consumers once a year. Respondents are representative of the Ghanaian adult population.

To clearly show the links between services provided, customer loyalty and purchasing decisions, respondents are asked to rate their experience of individual organizations they have dealt with in the previous three months, using a scale of 1 – 10, on a series of metrics covering the Look and Feel, Competence, Professionalism, Ease of Doing Business, Processes and Procedures, Customer-Focused Innovations, Staff Engagement, and Feedback & Complaints.

The metrics reflect the priorities customers have identified as the most important attributors of customer experience according to the research findings of The Institute of Customer Service Professionals and the African Customer Service Research Institute.

After the survey this year, interesting results would emerge. More key observations will be made. These results would urge sector heads to take a critical look at their current customer service culture and its effect on our socio economic growth.

With the 2021 Ghana Customer Service Index, the stage has again been set to observe important trends from year to year as the previous year’s results would be used to compare and form a clearer picture. The Institute is confident that the results being a true reflection of customer experience and perception would contribute enormously to the decisions of the sectors and organizations involved and also to serve as a helper for customer purchasing decisions.

The long term goal is to have an all-party parliamentary group on customer service that would raise awareness and understanding of customer service amongst parliamentarians and to establish dialogue between government, regulatory bodies, organizations and customers across all sectors.

With the increasing awareness of customers’ rights and demands, it has become important now more than ever to pay particular attention to our customer service culture as a nation with the aim of attracting foreign investments and also to help make the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda a possibility. In summary, we are excited about the prospects of having a customer satisfaction survey every year.

If you are resident in Ghana or a foreigner but have visited the country over the past 90days, you can complete the survey and lend your perception to the index.

Click HERE to take the survey .

Post courtesy of Institute of Customer Service Professionals (ICSP) Ghana.

ICSP is an affiliate and training partner of the West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals.

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