Our recently certified WTN trainers now open to offer customer service education


Our recently certified WTN trainers now open to offer customer service education

After eight (8) weeks of training and subsequent certification evaluation, the twelve (12) ECOWAS nationals recently licensed as WAACSP certified customer service educators are now ready and approved from the associations network and portal to avail and offer their services to individuals, private and public organizations, corporations, multinationals, government and non governmental organizations within the region on customer service/customer experience and allied CS educational services.


The approved 12 at the first instance, are the first by- graduans from the 347 applied for the 1st certified trainers program as part of the WAACSP customer service education outlook for 2022-2024

that aims to produce 200 or more trained and certified customer service educators; a baseline requirement to improve quality of customer service in the region. 


The 12 approved trainers are also licensed to organize, sensitize and offer (in conjunction with WAACSP training affiliates as assigned to them ) the Basic Certification in Customer Service (BCCS) program - The BCCS is the association’s basic entry level program to train, and evaluate individuals into being accredited as certified customer service professionals (CCSP) .

CLICK HERE to visit the official portal of the WAACSP Trainers Network (WTN ).


Here are the accredited twelve.:



-AMANDA CHUKU  Yenogoa, Nigeria. 


-BULOALA LILY-WEST  Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 




-SHARON ATUOBI  Accra, Ghana.




-VIVIEN JAMES  Awka, Nigeria.




-ADEBAYO SAMSON  Lagos, Nigeria.


-SEGUN MANUEL  Delta, Nigeria.






- JESSICA BONDZE  Lagos, Nigeria. 


Click on their name, to view their personalized page on WAACSP website, you can use the ‘ENGAGE MY SERVICE’ button to contact the trainer and engage for the course of the listed services of:


- CS Training

- Consulting

- Csat survey and analysis.

- General customer service education. 


 WAACSP will bring up more passionate and enthusiastic citizens of the region to populate the CS training and education ecosystem.