Registration and fees payment now open for ACCERM holding this July


Registration and fees payment now open for ACCERM holding this July

Africa’s most recognized senior professional course in customer experience; The Advanced certification in customer experience & relationship management - ACCERM, 2022 edition starts July 29 and will run over a 5 week period.


The program, grows and prepares service practitioners from entry level to mid/senior level position in the service industry and widely accepted within West Africa and beyond. The program covers:


- Customer Experience Management [CEM]


- Economic outlook, setting up, mapping, recruiting, running and maintaining a customer service units.


- Science and physiology of customer service trajectory, KPIs, monetizing and growth .



Registration started in June, the Waacsp is now accepting payment from all accredited and accepted applicants for the program, here’s the details:


Program is open to customer service practitioners, admin personnels etc with minimum of three (3) years working CS experience already in the industry. 


For the full details of ACCERM click HERE


Fees breakdown: $150 for non waacsp members and $100 for members


Payment details:


Waacsp Momo account:





Fidelity Bank:

West Africa Association of customer service Professionals 



USD conversion:


NGN 535


Registered applicant for the program may elect to pay 50% or 75% to confirm and guarantee slot booking for the course. 



Please chat the program admin team on +233(0)599 300 606 


or via email: for confirmation and any other information. 


To grow from call centre agent, customer service consultant, officer etc to senior level CS officer; supervisor, head of CS unit, department and specialize in various other aspect of managerial level in customer service like quality assurance (QA), Call centre analyst (CCA) etc. this is the course to attain on your career portfolio.


Entry closes July 22, 2022.


It promises participants a massive career growth educational and professional standing in a changing work climate. 


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