September fireside chat series: Another 5 star webinar


Like the old saying; ‘good wine gets better with age’ so it is with our fireside chat series with our fellows and patrons.

The September edition had fellow Christiana Okenla on the saddle. Her customer service journey as was promoted in the program promo just about indicated how the session will go: experience, education and standard.

Having transversed key spectrums of the work space as a customer service person  including telecoms, banking, supply chain and ICT, it wasn’t unexpected that Mrs Okenla would come with wide range of service experience, education and standard operating procedures across all the sectors and ...boy she did IMPRESS!!!

Mrs Okenla shared how passion for service/teaching led her to customer service, she gave her CS journey quite animatedly and held the record audience spell bound with her ‘CS TedTalk’, proffered solutions to challenges bedeviling service delivery as well as educate CS upstarts on the way to a rewarding career in the profession.    
Here’s a few nuggets from her:

“Customer service is more relational than transactional post Covid”

“We also have been taught some skills including home management since working from home was the in-thing”

“I didn’t intentionally get into customer service, the industry found me”

On service industry in Nigeria:

“Covid have helped the service industry grow with lots of technology in place now helping improve service delivery”

“The future is service experience, it’s the complete package, the whole process”

It was an online evening of fun and interactive networking as Waacsp head of social/community relations Mrs Praise Adigun anchored the series. 

In closing, WAACSP board Chair Ms Yvonne MacCarthy  had nothing but extreme praise for guest speaker Christy Okenla saying she is encouraged to see her likes passionate about customer experience meaning the journey to change the service landscape in West Africa have good resource personnel’s.

Up next is the international customer service week 2021 activities and next fireside chat series in November.

Click HERE  to Watch full video of the September session.