WAACSP chairperson honored in Eswatini


WAACSP chairperson honored in Eswatini

The board chairperson of the West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals [WAACSP] Madam Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy was recently honored for her contribution to the customer service industry in Africa by the institute of Research, Development and Management (IRDM) in far away kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Known as kingdom of Swaziland) at the kingdoms activities marking the 2020 customer service week.

Speaking as guest speaker at the Eswatini customer Service conference and service excellence awards, Madam MacCarthy praised the kingdom on their ‘little giant’ strides in customer service hence the awards ceremony with a commitment to support and help the growth of CS in the kingdom in the training of service professionals and establishing the service index for the kingdom of Eswatini.

The WAACSP chairperson acknowledged the various gaps in service delivery in Africa and believes with setting up of regional bodies, it will effectively translate to growth perception in service delivery per region and ultimately the continent of Africa.

The event, which had top ministerial dignitaries of the kingdom in attendance saw Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy’s contribution to customer service education and delivery as the president Institute of Customer Service Professionals Ghana (ICSP-Ghana) being recognized with an award as custodian of CS in the kingdom’s traditional mode of appreciation.

See images of the event below. Congratulations Yvonne!