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Our debut Firechat series was A-MA-ZING!!!!! , Did you miss it? ….You did? then you missed out on a lot. Don’t worry though we have you covered. Here are the highlights of the Firechat series with Mrs. Kate Udok(FWAACSP).

Mrs. Zara Adeyemi anchored the program with brilliance. She gave a grand introduction of Mrs. Kate Udok. She also had some well thought out questions lined up, these questions tailored the entire Firechat session, bringing to light the chronology of Mrs. Udok’s career in Customer service- from her time in telecom, logistics to the beauty and cosmetic industries; her struggles /challenges; feats achieved in these service industries and her willingness to work with WAACSP to make customer service an attractive career for all in West Africa.

Mrs. Kate Udok's warm and welcoming smile was endearing as she euphuistically responded to all the questions. She had a lot of information to pass and was struck me the most was her openness. She spoke freely about what her insecurities were;  what her wages were and some life-changing decisions she had to make.
 Here are some gems/nuggets from her discussion:
•    We as customer service professionals do matter
•    For excellent customer service experience. you MUST learn to neutralize your feelings. Customers' complaints are not targeted at your person.
•    Customer service is not about phone calls and emails, it’s about making  key decisions that are key to customer loyal
•    On the future of customer service in West Africa- “ All countries must collaborate and share best practices and experience, it's important to have ideal best practices across board”……. Kate Udok.

Kate has a wealth of materials and experience which she is graciously willing to share and is available to Mentor anyone interested in a membership program. The mentorship program is one of the perks of being part of the association as it will be designed to build and strengthen network.

Certain you are eager for the next Firechat session and determined not to miss out. We promise it won't be a long wait. On July 17th, 2021, we would have the pleasure of chatting with another  WAACSP Fellow from Ghana Mr. Emmauel Awumee.
Kindly save the date.