FREE training -workshop on call centre operations: CALL CENTRE - SMT: April 28-29


FREE training -workshop on call centre operations: CALL CENTRE - SMT: April 28-29

The 2023 West Africa customer service year is up and running, started in March with the Fireside Chat series with WAACSP fellow and CX leader Jennifer ‘coach Jenny’ Orode.

This April. successful applicants are now in ‘training’ in the 6 weeks WTN licensed trainers program.

With the core objective of the association being customer service education all year round, improving knowledge, know how and capacity, we are set to deliver quality programs in 2023. Each year, the association offers certification courses  and FREE capacity building programs to better equip participants and act as refresher program to update work skills and learn new and latest tools to better position and function in the industry.

Owing from the impact of the two capacity building trainings of 2022;
Active Listening and Effective Communications for internal & external customers, The WAACSP in 2023, will conduct 3 FREE  impactful career developing training/workshop to equip and develop needed skil-sets in customer service.

The first of our three capacity building workshops for 2023 comes up this April.
FREE training Workshop on Call Centre operations titled;

The Call Centre SMT workshop will give participants a general  up-to-date understanding of call centre operations equipping participants with the required skill-sets and tools needed for communication over the phone in dealing with various call situations and scenarios. Training will cover:
- Engaging with call-in (inbound) customers.

- Initiating and effective outbound calls.

- call time management, responses and etiquettes.

- Telesales, tele marketing and converting calls to sales.

- General call operations and management.

Purpose of program:
- To equip participants with update skills in call centre ops.

- Act as a refresher for new skill for participants.

- Certificate will show knowledge and help with employability and career growth.

For whom:
- Call centre representatives, consultants and tele sales marketers and agents.

- Persons who desire a career as call centre representatives.

-Iindividuals to help improve their call relations and management.

- Business owners, SMSE’s who desire to set up call centre and respond to customer queries.  

At the end of the training:

-Participants will be better equipped to handle complaints, enquiry, sales and request calls and how to manage them.

- Understanding the arts, science and psychology in calls and call centre operations.


- You will get updated call centre script up for download from the training portal.

- Get certificate of participation up for download from the training portal.

- Get a 15% discount to attend upcoming WAACSP certification program.

April 28-29, 2023.

Venue: Online via zoom

28th (7pm - 9pm)
29th (10am - 12noon)
All WAT.

How to participate:

Training is FREE and there will be certificate of participation issued to all who attend the 2 day program. (WAACSP certificates are recognized in HR spaces across the region and beyond, a measure of the quality of its trainings and programs).

Registration is required as attendees will be given access to the training portal for the program.

Click HERE to register.

Upon registration, a mail will be sent to you with code and login details to the training portal.

Should you have any further enquiries please use the Whatsapp chat button beside this post.

Welcome to our first training for 2023.